Frequently Asked Questions


Is your knitwear “Australian-made”?


We are an Australian-owned company, with all our items designed in Australia.

While we previously manufactured in Australia for several decades and still use Woolmark-certified Australian pure new wool, like a number of other Australian businesses our manufacturing now takes place overseas.

We still retain some former Australian manufacturing employees in production and quality control roles.

So while no longer Australian-made, our knitwear should exceed your expectations as we can now combine modern overseas production technology with the knowledge, experience and stringent quality standards of our Australian staff. Our Australian staff routinely travel overseas to inspect our production partners’ manufacturing facilities first-hand.


Does your production overseas use ethical manufacturing?


We insist that our overseas production partners select manufacturing facilities with worker standards equivalent to or exceeding those under the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code.

This is an illustrated summary of the Code, with all rights reserved to the ETI: