Fields Winter 18 Collection

Fields is a reflection of style and sophistication in knitwear, fashion tees and accessories.

The range is made up of luxurious yarns and materials, clean lines and attention to detail. Fields is quality and style you can trust.

Sizes XS – XXL

  • FK8001 Boxy Zip Cardigan

    FK8002 Star Vee Pullover

  • FK8003 Boxy Pocket Pullover

    FK8004 Colour Block Tunic

  • FK8005 Star Crew Pullover

    FK8006 Stripe Crew Pullover

  • FK8007 Contrast Trim Cardigan

    FK8008 Pull On Vest

  • FK8009 Spliced Longline Cardigan

    FK8010 Button Back Pullover

  • FK8011 Texture Cowl Pullover

    FK8012 Purl Vee Pullover

  • FK8013 Rib Panelled Cardigan

    FK8014 A-Line Tunic

  • FK8015 Longline Drape Front Cardigan

    FK8016 Colour Block Tunic

  • FK8017 Pom-Pom Scarf

    FK8018 Tabbard Pullover

  • FK8019 Rib Zip Tunic

    FK8020 Cowl Neck Poncho

  • FK8021 Embroidered Cowl Pullover

    FK8022 Split Tunic Vest

  • FK8024 Purl Cowl Pullover

    FK8025 Purl Stripe Vest

  • FK8026 Jersey Crew Pullover

    FK8027 Jersey Vee Pullover

  • FK8028 Jersey Vee Cardigan

    FK8029 Turtle Neck Pullover

  • FK8030 Longline ETE Cardigan

    FK8031 Scallop Trim Tunic

  • FK8032 Asymmetrical Popover

    FK8034 Fringed Scarf Cardigan

  • FK8035 Vee Front Coat

    FK8036 Zip Jacket

  • FK8037 Suede Trim Coat

    FK8038 BW Angle Jacket

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