Bridge & Lord Winter 18 Collection

Bridge and Lord has been designed for the discerning customer who experiences and pursues supreme quality. This range has been manufactured in superior yarns, blended with cashmere to provide the wearer with the ultimate luxury experience.

Sizes range from S – XXL

  • BL8601 Textured Pattern Pullover

    BL8602 Cowl Neck Square Pullover

  • BL8603 Multi Colour Block Stripe Pullover

    BL8605 Two Colour ETE Coat

  • BL8606 Shaped Tunic with Cowl Neck

    BL8607 One Stripe Colourblock Pullover

  • BL8608 Striped Pullover with Bird

    BL8609 Curved Hem Vee Pullover

  • BL8610 Extra Long Button Cardigan with Pockets

    BL8611 Textured Block Oversize Pullover

  • BL8612 Textured Scarf

    BL8613 ETE Swing Vest

  • BL8614 Funnel Neck Pullover

    BL8615 Back Stripe Top

  • BL8616 Colourblock Vee Neck Pullover

    BL8617 Striped Crew Neck Cardigan

  • BL8618 Two Colour Roll Neck Tunic

    BL8619 Bobble Dot Pullover

  • BL8620 ETE Cardigan

    BL8621 Bird Detail Pullover

  • BL8622 Square Ribbed Top

    BL8623 Colourblock Tunic with Side Splits

  • BL8624 Ribbed Neck Curved Hem Pullover

    BL8625 Two Colour Crew Neck Pullover

  • BL8630 Colourblock Dolman Pullover

    BL8631 Shoulder Zip Cardigan

  • BL8632 Wrap

    BL8633 Fine Stripe Crew Cardigan

  • BL8634 Roll Neck Pullover

    BL8635 Vee Neck Pullover

  • BL8636 Crew Neck Pullover

    BL8640 Bubble Stitch High Neck Pullover

  • BL8641 Striped Crew Pullover

    BL8642 Colourblock ETE Cardigan

  • BL8643 Zip Neck A-Line Tunic

    BL8644 Cable Shawl

  • BL8645 Two Colour Pullover

    BL8647 Roll Neck Aran Pullover

  • BL8650 Turtle Neck with Side Splits

    BL8651 Longline Cardigan with Side Splits

  • BL8652 Vee Neck Pullover

    BL8653 Vee Cardigan

  • BL8654 Hoodie

    BL8655 Longline Hoodie

  • BL8656 Crew Neck Pullover

    BL8657 Crew Cardigan

  • BL8658 Roll Neck Pullover

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